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Social Security

Your Reward for Years of Hard Work.

Social Security Benefits

What is Social Security? With origins in the 1930s, it is designed to pay retired workers age 62 or older a continuing income after retirement. needs-based program funded by the U.S. Treasury general fund to provide payments to people with limited income and resources who are of age, blind, or disabled.

How much Social Security income you’ll receive depends on:

  • Your earnings over your lifetime
  • The age at which you’ll begin receiving benefits
  • Whether you’ll be eligible to receive a spouse’s benefit instead of your own
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Accessing Your Social Security

For most individuals, Social Security can be accessed as early as 62 years old, and as late as 70 years old. The amount you are eligible to receive increases depending on when you begin collecting payments.

Our Team is ready to help you with:

  • Calculating your potential benefits
  • Scheduling your Social Security starting date
  • Applying for your retirement benefits
  • Understanding earning limits
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