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As part of our free Medicare consulting services, we can help find the ideal coverage for your unique situation based on your current doctors and prescriptions.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for your services?

We are paid by insurance companies for helping clients get the right coverage. Because of this, almost all of our services (including all Medicare services) are provided at no cost to our clients.

What services are offered by Brighter Insurance?

Our team offers free consulting and guidance with anything related to Medicare (including medicare supplements and medicare advantage plans.) We also provide a variety of services related to Social Security benefits, dental benefits, veteran benefits, individual health insurance, long term care, and estate planning.

Do you offer your services in-person? Do you offer your services online?

Our team is here to work around your needs. We are happy to travel to meet you in your home, and we also offer consulting over phone and video calls.

Do I need to enroll in "Part A" and "Part B" of Medicare?

Part “A” is typically in place, and a paid-up benefit when you turn 65. Part “B” is not, unless you have enrolled in Social Security prior to age 65. If you have not filed to receive Social Security benefits, then you need to proactively enroll in Part “B” benefits and begin paying for them.

I’m turning 65 this year and I plan to retire. When am I eligible to enroll into Medicare?

Assuming you have met the work-related eligibility requirements, you may begin enrollment into Medicare 90 days in advance of the month you turn 65.

What happens if I miss my designated enrollment window into Medicare?

In addition to having a huge gap in coverage, you will likely face a penalty from Medicare. A Part “B” penalty can be 10% of your Part “B” premium for each 12-month period outside of Medicare, and up to 1% of the national average of a Part “D” plan for each month absent Part “D”.

Can I change my Medicare coverage and keep my current doctors?

Because we’ve built strong relationships with many different healthcare providers, we can offer a wide variety of plans and coverage options for you. The best way to discover which plans your current doctors accept is to schedule a free medicare consultation with our team.

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